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GH SPFS Poly Ferric Sulfate Powder

CAS: 10028-22-5
Chemical Formula: [Fe2(OH)n(SO4)3-n/2]m, n<2,m>10, m=f(n)


GH SPFS is a novel polymeric water purifying agent in light yellow powder, inorganic and non-toxic, easily soluble in water to form positive poly-nuclear complex ions and agglomerate colloidal particles efficiently. Based on feedbacks of customers from various industries, GH SPFS is superior to other typical clarifiers in turbidity purification, COD & BOD reduction, color & odor removal. It’s mainly used for treatment of domestic drinking water, industrial water, municipal sewage, industrial wastewater and sludge dewatering. 


1.A newly-formulated “Green” water purifying agent, safe, reliable, and non-toxic
2.No residual of nitrite ion, and no return of ferreous color in effluent
3.Stable quality and good coagulation effect
4.Effective at very low dosage level, saving cost
5.Precipitates rapidly. Flocs formed are large and firm to settle down within 5-30 minutes.
6.Dissolves fast and easily in water purification process, and won’t bloc the tubes or equipment
7.Adaptable to a wide range of PH value 4-11 (optimum PH value 7-10).
8.Has remarkable performance in decoloration, dewatering, oil and odor removal, as well as removal of COD, BOD, heavy metal ions, radioactive and carcinogenic substances, etc.
9.The PH has subtle change and hardness in effluent will be reduced after using GH SPFS.
10.Easy to absorb moisture, while the efficacy remains the same in case of deliquescence.
11.Performs stable and can preserve for a long period


1.Drinking water purification;
2.Municipal sewage treatment;
3.Industrial circulating water treatment, i.e, effluent from power and heat plants, biochemical factories, and oil waste water, etc.
4.Treatment of industrial waste water, i.e chemicals, petroleum, mining, paper-making, dyeing, steel & iron, brewing, electroplating, etc.
5.Clarifying agent in sugar, medicine, tanning, cosmetic, etc.


Dilute the powder into 5%-20% solution. General dosages varies in between 10-100 PPM. However the dosage of application will vary with situation and severity of problems. It is recommended that treatment loadings be determined by laboratory tests prior to use in the field.

Chart below is dosage reference for drinking water treatment.


GH PAC-02 is packaged in 25 Kilo (net weight) bags, outside polypropylene woven bags lined with food-grade plastic inner bags.


Please store the product in original containers in dry and cool place, away from heat, flame, sunlight, moisture and other toxic substances.
Noted GH SPFS is corrosive. The storage container shall be acid-proof.