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GH801 Inorganic Demulsifier

Appearance: tawny powders
Hydrolysis degree:≥50%(m/m)
Absorbency: easily soluble in water,strong bridging and adsorption capability.
Active ingredients (Al2O3): 30-40%
Rotation Speed: 120rpm


Product Introduction:
High density of positive charge on macromolecular chain, good water-solubility of the product, moderate molecular weight of GH801 contributes to its flocculation property.
High ionic degree, soluble in water (dissolve completely in water within the entire PH value range, and not affected by the low water temperature), non-gel, hydrolysis stability. Multi-agent composite polymers

1. Diluted into 10-30% solution advance, dosed into wastewater and being flash mixed for 10 seconds.
2. Dosage is based on water quality, dosage is around 40-2000ppm usually. Please do range finding to confirm the dosage advance.
2. It can be used with GH815 macromolecular flocculant. Reaction time is 2 minutes.
3. Storage: store in dry and ventilate place, the storage life is 2 years. Please refer Technical Data Sheet and Label for more details.
4. Compared to traditional PAC (Aluminum sulfate, aluminum chloride),GH801 produces less mud, faster sedimentation(Reaction time: 2 minutes). The flocs are firm and steady.