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GH815 Macromolecular Flocculant

Appearance: white powders.
Absorbency: easily soluble in water.
Active ingredients: 60-70%
Rotation speed: 60-100rpm
Dissolution speed: 120rpm
Dissolution time: 30 minutes

Product Introduction:
Composed from ethylene amide and ethylene based cationic ion monomer, polyacrylamide monomer, hydrolysis copolymerization. There are both cations and anions in the molecular chain. In high salinity, high temperature and acidic conditions,GH815 could form flocculation effectively.

1. Diluted into 1‰ solution advance. Dosed into wastewater and being mixed for serval minutes.
2. Dosage is based on water quality, it is around 5-40 ppm usually. Please do range finding to confirm the dosage advance.
3. It can be used with GH801 inorganic demulsifier or others polyaluminium chloride (PAC).
4. Storage: store in dry and ventilate place, the storage life is 2 years. Please refer Technical Data Sheet and Label for more details.


GH801 and GH815 can be used for oil field wastewater, such as petroleum wastewater, drilling wastewater, oil extraction and fracturing waste fluid, etc.