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Cas No.: 1327-41-9

Product description:

The product is water-soluble polymer. It's soluble in water, but insoluble in most organic solvents. The main chain of polyacrylamide has a large number of amide groups with high chemical activity. It can be widely used in papermaking, mineral processing, oil recovery, metallurgy, building materials, sewage treatment, oilfield & gas and many other industries.


Usage and precautions:

1. Prepare PAM powder into 0.1% aqueous solution with neutral water.

2. When dissolved, pour the powder evenly into the water, and stir at a rate of 70-100r/min. It can accelerate dissolution if heating at a proper temperature (<60 ℃).

3. The optimum dosage has to be determined by preliminary laboratory tests.

Packaging and storage:

1. PAM powder is packed in HDPE bags lined with plastic bags, 25 kg/ bag.

2. This product is hygroscopic and shall be kept in the original bag in a cool and dry place at the temperature lower than 35 ℃.

3. Do not scatter the product on the ground, in case the ground becomes slippery after the product absorbs moisture.