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GH 810 Decoloring Agent

Appearance & odor: 

Odorless transparent or light yellow viscous liquid

Viscosity (mpa.s, 20℃):10~500

PH: (30% aqueous solution): 2.5-5.0

Solid content: ≥50%

(customized upon customer’s requirements)

Decolorizing rate: >95%

Solubility: soluble in water

Shelf life: 1 year in original package

Product description:

GH 810 is a quaternary cationic polymer, specially designed for colored wastewater treatment, with the function of decoloring, flocculation, and COD removal. 

Main ingredient:

Dicyandiamide-formaldehyde resin 


1. Used for industrial effluent treatment from plants of textile, dyeing & printing,

paper & pulp, mining, pigment, slaughter, leachate, and many other industries.

2. GH 810 has excellent color removal performance for high-chroma wastewater of printing & dyeing and pigment plants, suitable for treatment of wastewater with activated, acid and disperse dyes.  

3. This product can also be used as fortifier, sizing agent and charge neutralizer in paper & pulp mills.


1. High capacity of BOD & COD removal, and decoloring performance, especially for red pigment.

2. Fast rate of formation and sedimentation of flocs. The flocs are firm and tight.

3. Non-toxic, no heavy metal ions and no secondary pollution


1. Adjust the PH value of wastewater water to be treated between 7-10.

2. Dilute GH 810 by 10-40 times of water. Add the solution to wastewater and mix for a few minute before sedimentation or flotation, subsequently to get clear water after decoloring flocculation.  

3. GH 810 can be used in combination with inorganic coagulants (like PAC and PFS) in waters with high turbidity, high chroma, high COD and high salinity to save treatment costs. But don’t mix it with other chemicals. It’s up to trial and treatment process to decide the dosing sequence of GH 810 and other inorganic chemicals.

4. General calculation of GH 810 dosage

Dosage (PPM) = [amount of the agent solution (ml) * dilution concentration/volume of test waste water] *106

Note: PPM is one out of per million. 1PPM refers to adding 1g of the agent in 1 ton of water. The typical dosages for water after biochemical process is 100 ppm.

5. The accurate dosages strongly depend on water type, the concentrations of impurities (resins, sediments etc.) and the process conditions (temperature, contact time and intensity of mixing). Therefore, the optimum dosage has to be determined by preliminary laboratory tests.

Packaging and storage:

1. GH 810 is security product, non-toxic, inflammable and non-explosive.

2. Store and protect the product at room temperature away from strong sunlight.The favorable storage temperature is 5-30 .

3. This product is packed in PE barrel for 25kg/ 50kg/ 250kg/ 1000kg per barrel. Preferred package style can be customized as per order requirements.

4. GH 810 may turn to be layered or become white liquid at lower temperature. In that case, stir the liquid before use. Its treatment capacity won't be affected.