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MBR technology governance

issuing time:2018/3/22 9:30:53
A membrane bioreactor is a device which conducts chemical reaction or bioconversion with enzymes, microorganisms or animal and plant cells as catalysts and meanwhile unceasingly separates out reaction products and intercepts the catalysts by means of an ultra-filtration separation membrane to conduct continuous reaction. The membrane bioreactor is first used for the continuous fermentation process in the biochemical engineering industry and is then applied to treatment processes for urban swage and biologically-treated industrial wastewater. The membrane bioreactor overcomes some inevitable defects of traditional activated sludge itself and meanwhile has the beneficial effects that membrane separation is small in occupied land and efficient, and operation is convenient.
The MBR process generally includes two parts, namely, a membrane separation assembly and the bioreactor. The MBR can be divided into two types, namely, the split type and the integrated type according to different arrangement positions of a membrane assembly.
The split type MBR appears first. Mixed liquid in the bioreactor enters the membrane assembly after being pressurized by a process pump, water in the mixed liquid penetrates the membrane under the pressure effect and becomes treated water, the rest of substances are intercepted by the membrane and flow back into the reactor along with concentrated liquid. Generally speaking, the split type MBR has the beneficial effects that operation is stable and reliable, operation management is easy and cleaning, replacing and additional arranging of the membrane are easy.
According to the integrated MBR process, the membrane assembly is directly placed in the bioreactor, and water filtered out through the membrane is obtained through the negative pressure suction effect of the process pump. Because the membrane is immersed in the mixed liquid of the reactor, the MBR is also known as an immersed or submerged type MBR. Compared with the split type MBR, the integrated MBR has the beneficial effects of being simple in process and low in operation expense, but the integrated MBR is not as good as the split type MBR on the aspects of operation stability, operation management and cleaning and replacing of the membrane.