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See the direction, stay true to the mission, the environmental protection industry will face major opportunity

issuing time:2018/3/22 9:29:17

Nov. 10th, afternoon, not long after the end of 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the 5th council meeting and member congress of the Guangdong Environmental Protection Industry Association was held in Guangzhou. Attendants are Wang Dali, Vice director of Guangdong environmental protection minister science and technology monitoring department; Yao Mingyu, Vice minister of Guangdong Chamber of Commerce and Industry membership department; Huang Huai from Guangdong Bureau of  Quality Supervision, Xie Dexiin, general secretary of Guangdong microfinance company association; and other guests. There are more than 700 member councilors who attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Xu Bo, Vice president of our council and Vice Director of Guangzhou environmental engineering designing institute Co. Ltd.

At the 5th council meeting, President Qu Yuezhou reported the progress of 2017 briefly to the council, and published the finance result of the year. During the meeting, all the council representatives have voted through the proposal of the supplement list of vice president, standing director and directors and list of those who want to withdraw the membership, and published the result at the meeting.
Wang Dali, Vice director of Guangdong environmental protection minister science and technology monitoring department, introduced the great progress we have achieved at the subsequent member council meeting. Members can take industry association as a platform to launch research on environmental industry policy, promote technology innovation, etc. to push our environmental industry to grow and thrive, to enhance the development of the industry to be healthy, positive and orderly. Said Wang Dali when talked about the prospect of environment industry.
Authorized by the 5th council, President Qu Yuezhou made a work summary of the year and he said that, in 2017, the industry association took three service as its core, keep serving the government, industry and enterprises, and wrapped off multiple tasks. In 2018, the association will keep building good fund platform, Guangdong central association energy conservation and environmental protection industry research institute and the innovation road show platform, and ensure the three serving as always. “The 9th NCCPC said that we should develop our energy conserving and environmental protection industry. The prospect of environmental industry is excellent, so we should make joint effort to push our environmental industry to be larger and stronger.” Said president Qu. New age need new development, as long as we follow the guidance of the spirit of 9th NCCPC, take improve the environment as core, grasp the developing opportunity, we can definitely bring our environmental industry to a new level.