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PAC-02 Poly Aluminum Chloride Powder

Product Name: PAC-02 Poly Aluminum Chloride | Drum Drying Type
CAS: 1327-41-9
Chemical Formula: [Al2(OH)nC16-n]m


GH PAC-02 is yellow polymeric aluminum chloride granules, drum-drying type, food grade, made of Al(OH)3 and Bauxite. It has high purity, high basicity and low iron content, and provides good coagulation effect for a wide range of applications from water treatment to waste water treatment, mainly used as coagulant for water clarification of inorganic suspended particles. 





1.GH PAC-02 is a R&D-based product with high cost performance.
2.Widely used for water treatment purpose, with fast and remarkable coagulation performance
3.Specialized in treatment of water with high turbidity, radioactive substances and toxic heavy metals i.e, Pb ++, Cr+++, and F. It can reduce PH value, salt content and alkalinity in effluent.
4.Absence of dust in feeding process, easy and clean to operate
5.Has higher purity, basicity and active ingredients content than traditional PAC, to reduce dosage and water treatment cost
6.Easily soluble in water and dissolves fast, saving labor intensity and equipment maintenance cost
7.Increased settling rates, reduced sludge volume, time saving for downstream process
8.Performs well over a wide PH value 5-9 (optimum PH value 6.5-8.5)
9.Adapted to wide temperature range, having stable coagulation and sedimentation effect even at lower water temperature
10.Higher degree of alkalization than other average coagulants, no need to add extra alkaline additives, and no erosion or damage to equipment
11.Has great heat stability and long shelf life, easy for storage and shipment
12.The efficacy remains the same in case of deliquescence.


Water and waste water clarification;
Drinking water and portable water purification;
Municipal sewage and industrial water treatment;
De-watering of sludge;
Effluent treatment of inorganic suspended solids found in chemical, fishery, food, textile, dye, mining and coal washing waste, metal processing and other effluent water.


Dilute the powder into 5%-10% solution. General dosages varies in between 10-100 PPM however the dosage of application will vary with situation and severity of problems. It is recommended that treatment loadings be determined by laboratory tests prior to use in the field.
In water treatment, GH-PAC series are applied in conjunction with flocculants to ensure best water clarity for any downstream application.


GH PAC-02 is packaged in 25 Kilo (net weight) bags, outside polypropylene woven bags lined with food-grade plastic inner bags.


Please store the product in original containers in dry and cool place, away from heat, flame, sunlight and moisture. For additional information, the Material Safety Data Sheet is available upon request.