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GH-DAFTM Dissolved Air Flotation

Texture: carbon steel / stainless steel
Warranty: 1 year
SS removal rate: 80%
Flotation is a solid-liquid separation process, the main application is to remove   the tiny suspended solids, colloids, oil and grease substances which are difficult to sedimentation and the relative density is close to water.
A lot of fine and uniform bubbles (10-100µm) formation during the flotation, With these tiny bubbles as a carrier, suspended particles and water in the full mixing, contact, the formation of air-flotation flocs float to the liquid surface. Bubbles, water, floc three-phase mixture, through the foam scraper gather foam or scum to achieve separation of impurities and the purpose of purifying water quality.
1.Breeding, slaughter and other waste water treatment.
2.Papermaking, printing and dyeing, tanning, fermentation, food and other waste water treatment.
3.Separation of suspended solids in water tiny, algae and micro-floc (such as landscape water, river water purification and waste water treatment depth)
4.Waste separation and recovery of suspended oil and grease(such as petrochemical waste water, oil reinjection water treatment, bio-diesel and catering waste)
5.High concentration organic waste water pretreatment(such as chemical, pharmaceutical and other waste )
6.Biochemical water(replace secondary sedimentation tank), fenton effluent liquid separation and concentration of activated sludge
7.Spraying, electroplating and other heavy metals in waste water and recycling