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Sludge dewatering machine/Belt Filter Press

Capacity: 3-30m³/h
Belt width: 0.5-3m
Inflow concentration: 0.8-8%
Outlet concentration: 25-45%
Material: carbon steel
This series belt filter press is a kind of dewatering machine developed on the basis of advanced foreign technology. As a part in waste water treatment system, it is used for dewatering of suspended particles and residue after treated so as to avoid secondary pollution. It is also applicable for treatment of slurry concentration and black liquor extraction.
1.Long gravity dewatering area with strong treating capacity, heavy load capacity, low energy consumption and low cost.
2.Unique tilt and long wedge area ensures stable performance.
3.New auto-adjusting and tilting system greatly improves life time of filter belt.
4.Adopts two independent backwash systems.
5.Multiple rollers, improves solid-content of filter cake.