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Underground integrated sewage treatment device

This machine is developed on the basis of operational experience of sewage treating device at home and broad with advanced biological treating method, while combining our own research and practice. It can remove BOD, COD and NH3-N with stable performance and effective treating capacity, characteristics of auto-run and non-floor occupation saves cost and enjoys easy maintenance. Grass and flowers can be planted on the surface so the environment won’t be affected. Water outlet quality can meets national discharge standards.
Material: carbon steel
Capacity: 1-50m³/h
Removal rate: 80-90%

1) Hotel, restaurant, hospital, school, sanatorium and other domestic sewage treatment
2) Fish processing plant, livestock processing plant and other manufacturing wastewater treatment
2) Bus and railway station, airport, seaport, dock
3) Factory, mine, tourist spot
4) Residence community, villa district, village, town